Jonny has a passion for house and electronic music. He has deep long-standing relationships with household names within the industry. Working with the likes of DJ Booker T and Dave Anthony over the years playing the keyboard and instrumentals for well-known albums and tracks, such as:

Nights Over Eygpt.png

Nights Over Egypt (Booker T Mix)

Shirley Jones, DJ Booker T


Body (Booker T Remix)

Sergio D’Angelo & Aldo Bergamasco ft. Polina Griffith

Perceptions, Fables of Kemet, Vol. 1.jpg


Fables of Kemet, Vol. 1

Dave Anthony



Booker T & Mike City

Everyday Everywhere (King of Soul Vocal

Everyday Everywhere (King of Soul Vocal Mix)

Earl Tutu, John Khan, Mike City & DJ Booker T 

Best In Me

Dave Anthony & Beverlei Brown